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Chapter History

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Thirty-four (34) lovely women chartered Tau Tau Omega Chapter at the Mirmar Hotel in Santa Monica, California on February 7, 1993.  The chapter adopted Santa Monica College as its major source for mentoring students transferring to four-year universities.  The chapter originally provided services to the Lieu Cap Shelter and the Santa Monica Gems.  Annual monetary donations have been made to the California African American Museum, Jenessee Center for Battered Women, NAACP, The League of African American Women, Lupus Foundation, Sickle Cell Foundation, Southeast Symphony, Southeast Conservatory, and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.


For over 20 years, Tau Tau Omega has remained a pivotal part of the Santa Monica community and surrounding areas.  Members have participated in annual service projects at the Los Angeles Mission, the Downtown Women's Shelter, the Dream Center on Skid Row for the National Family Volunteer Day of Service, Christmas Toy Drives, and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.  Tau Tau Omega members have also participated in the Habitat for Humanity Program in Watts (1995), and a Rites of Passage Program at Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles.  Additionally, clothing, shoes, bedding, toiletry items, school supplies and monetary donations have been given to women's shelters and various charities throughout Los Angeles County.


From 1997 to 2000, Tau Tau Omega implemented a Math, Science, and Technology Program at an inner city Los Angeles school.  Chapter members engaged students in multidisciplinary experiences that ignited their curiosity in space science.  In 2000, Tau Tau Omega adopted the Figueroa Gardens Senior Citizens.  Twice a year, Tau Tau Omega members provide special luncheons with attention to healthy eating, participate in fun activities, as well as give prizes and Ralph's gift cards to all residents.


In June 2001, Tau Tau Omega launched its "On-Track Program" at the Watts Learning Center in Los Angeles.  Members worked with a group of students over a two-year period, providing assistance in reading, math, science, and technology.  Dictionaries and other school materials were given to students as well as cultural field trips in the greater Los Angeles community.  The major emphasis for the educational target shifted to literacy in 2003 through present time.  Tau Tau Omega partnered with the Los Angeles Times' Reading by 9 Program and two Los Angeles inner city schools who continue to implement the program to date.  The main purpose of the program is to ensure that students are reading and writing at or above grade level by third grade.  Members volunteered services weekly from September to June in first and second grade classes to assist students with reading and writing performances.


Tau Tau Omega convened its first Health Fair at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday, May 18, 2003 in partnership with student health groups from UCLA for church members and others from the community.  In June 2006, the Health Fair moved to the Turning Point Transitional Shelter in Santa Monica.  Since this time, the Health Fair has become an annual chapter event.  Tau Tau Omega members also participate in several health-related walk-a-thons each year including, but not limited to: AIDS Walk L.A., League of African American Women's 5K AIDS Walk, and the Revelon 5K Run/Walk for Women's Cancers.  In addition to the annual sevice projects, members attend musicals, plays, local art shows, church services, symphonic concerts, and other culturally enriching activities in the Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles communities.


Each year, Tau Tau Omega awards thousands of dollars in donations and scholarships to selected students in the Santa Monica area.  In order to expand the potential service the chapter offers, twelve (12) dedicated members of the chapter established the Twenty Perals Heritage Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, on January 29, 2008. In August of that year, Tau Tau Omega in conjunction with the Twenty Pearls Heritage Foundation hosted their first ever Pink & Green Golf Classic.  Since its inception, the Pink & Green Golf Classic has become a signature event for the chapter and foundation.


For over 20 years, Tau Tau Omega has welcomed many new members to the sorority.  In February 2000, Tau Tau Omega conducted its first Membership Intake Process (MIP) and a group of nine (9) dynamic women were inducted into the chapter.  Four years later in March of 2004, Tau Tau Omega initiated a second group of eight (8) wonderful women.  In December 2010, another eight (8) phenomenal women were initiated into the chapter and six (6) more dedicated women were inducted into the chapter in November of 2011.  Most recently, Tau Tau Omega inducted seven tenacious women in June 2014.



Today, Tau Tau Omega is medium-sized sisterly chapter comprised over 50 active and energetic women who provide a wide range of services to promote the international platforms of the sorority and maintain lifelong membership.  



It is the chapter's desire to strengthen our presence in the Santa Monica community through our commitment to scholarship and continued service to all mankind.

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